Thursday, December 14, 2006

The T.V. program that I chose is Prison Break. I chose that one because I enjoy the drama kind of movies or programs and I obviously like it when it’s a gangster history. I don’t hope to learn something about this T.V. program because they are doing badly thing, but it’s a good way to learn and increase my vocabulary. I say that because I can get interested by the story and you want to understand everything that they say. For the moment, I just know what is the beginning of the program, so the story starts when one structural engineer (Michael Scofield) wants to save his brother from the death sentence. He needs to goes into the prison (Fox River State Penitentiary) in Illinois, but he got a plan to escape. He makes a big tattoo on his body. The representation has all the structural plans because he designed it. His brother (Lincoln Burrows) is accused of the death of the vice president’s brother. Mike’s lawyer wants to help him but he doesn’t. For the moment the big problem is another prisoner that has some connections with the mafia, because he is interested in Mike. So I just want to know the rest of the saga.

What happened in Prison Break? The story started to be more interesting because the action began. The last time that I watched my TV program (Prison Break), Michael Scofield or (fish) told his brother how they were going to escape from the penitentiary and he showed his tattoos. But now the problem is one guy named John, the puppet of the Italian mafia. He received some work to do. In fact, he had to find who was responsible for the disappearance of one of them (Fibonacci) and they thought that Fish knew where it was. At the same time, Scofield began a search to find some material that could be useful to excavate the wall. But during his search he had some problems with other prisoners. One of them tried to kill him because during one free for all fight, the friend of this guy was killed by another but he thought that it was Fish and that was why he hated him. The only friend of Fish was his cell partner, but he was frustrated because Scotfield tested him with one secret, just to be sure of his loyalty. But the problem with that was that he lost his girlfriend. Then he decided to change his cell with another. Now Fish had a new cell partner, but this guy had a problem because he was mentally ill and he told Michael that he never slept. That wasn’t good news for Fish because it was going to interrupt his goals. Also, because he started to get problems with the medical center because he had too much insulin in his body. So the doctor didn’t trust the credibility of the prescription of that remedy for diabetics. After that Fish was attacked by John’s gang and they chopped up two toes on his left foot. That was not all, his sick partner became obsessed by the tattoo and he tried to reproduce it. It wasn’t a good thing for Fish because he could be suspected by the guards. The way that he found for exchange this guy, was to hurt him self in the door and he told the guards that he was hurt by the sick man. Finally Sucre (the friend of Fish) returned to the cell and started to be friends with Fish again. Then they combined their efforts to progress in the escape project. The plan of the engineer looked good but it was more difficult that he thought. But for the moment he’s a smart gay and remembered all the components of his drawings and formulas that he took to drawing the penitentiary that helped him do special tricks. And that’s it; I will for next week to know the rest of the program.

As the story progressed, I began to find the necessary tools to continue my escape plan. But there were many problems to get my plans on track, as I was under the constant surveillance from the FBI agency. They wanted to transfer me to another prison the next day, but I needed about three weeks to fulfill my plans. So I was forced to execute my escape plan as soon as possible. Everything was calculated; I calculated the time it would take me to get out from my cell to the roof top. The next day, I simulated a fake escape just to see how the prison guards would react to the situation. Everything was planned with minor precision. As the time progressed, I learned that the prison transfer was canceled, so I decided to execute my plan at once. The first action that I took was to disable the air conditioning system so that other inmates would get really mad and start a rebellion. So the cops decided to make a lock down. It was a total miss. Some prisoners reach to the command post and took the keys from all the cells just to liberate the prisoners. That gave me a lot of time to finalize my plan. What I needed to do is break the last wall. But I had to be very precise in my action because if I wasn’t, I would pierce the gas pipe. But while I was executing my plan, I learned that the inmates took two hostages, the governor’s daughter and one of the guards. So the governor brought a squad from the army reserves to take the situation in hand. I learned that the governor’s daughter was locked in the infirmary room and there were a lot of inmates who planned to rape her. So I had to get her out of there. So as I took her out of there. But as there were some soldiers present at the exit, one of them pointed a laser on me. The situation became very tense. Suddenly I pushed the girl out and the shootout began. So when she escaped, the governor ordered the army to begin the prison cleaning. So the episode ended like this.

First of all I recommend this program to everyone because it’s a story of suspense, action, and a little bit of love. I had fun watching these series. I’ve learned that even if life puts you in a hard position, you should never give up and let your hands down. And something that is important is the love for his brother or someone in the family. You have to be unified in your family. This story really touched me because it was so well made, and it does look like a big budget production, which makes it so special. To conclude, I would just like to say that I very much enjoyed viewing these series because it was really interesting and gained my interest to continue viewing it in my free time. The only thing that I didn’t like was that the plans were too predictable. They gave too many details away.